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Fun Ideas to Help Couples Stay Connected

It can be hard to make nurturing your relationship with your partner a priority with the everyday demands of life. But being able to keep the friendship between you and your partner strong is one of the keys to having a long-lasting and healthy relationship. Below are a few fun ways couples can stay connected throughout the day, even when life gets busy. By doing small acts such as these consistently, they will add up over time and your bond will continue to grow stronger. Feel free to be creative and use the below examples as inspiration for coming up with your own ideas that fit for you and your partner!

Make Playlists for Each Other

Who doesn't love a great playlist to boost your day? One small way you can stay connected to your partner amid daily life is to create a playlist for them that they can listen to on their commute, work break, walk, etc. You can have different themes, such as songs that make you think of your partner, or if you know your partner may have a stressful week ahead, you can create a playlist of songs that express your belief in them. You can even make this a weekly ritual, where each week you and your partner create a new playlist for each other to listen to.

Leave Sticky Notes for Each Other to Find

Another simple way you can remind your partner you are thinking of them is to leave a sticky note somewhere for them to find throughout the day, like in their car or briefcase, with a quote, song lyric, affirmation, etc. that lets them know you are thinking of them.

Make a Game of It!

Another fun way you can stay connected is for each partner to do a small gesture during the week for the other without pointing it out. Then, at the end of the week, each partner has to guess what the gesture was the other one did for them. If your partner gets it right, great! But remember, this is not an opportunity to criticize if the other does not recognize an act correctly - it is an opportunity to have a conversation about how each partner can tweak their actions so as to better meet each others' needs when it comes to feeling connected.

If you and your partner would like support in finding new ways to continue to build your bond in the midst of the chaos that can come with life, couples therapy can be a great place to explore how to do this with a third-party. A therapist can help you explore what you each need from each other to feel connected and find ways you can do this effectively. Remember that couples therapy doesn't always have to be for couples experiencing significant problems - it can also be a place where you can find new ways to bring fun and friendship back into your relationship!


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