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CoupleS Therapy

Whether you have recently entered a commitment or have been together for years, one of the things many couples struggle with is to maintain open communication and a close bond when the routine of daily life takes over. Over time, individual partners grow and change, and sometimes couples need guidance on how to relearn about each other and create the next chapter in their relationship. Erica helps couples rebuild their emotional intimacy and learn skills to effectively communicate their needs to each other. Below are some of the specific areas Erica can help you and your partner with:

  • Skills for healthy, open, and authentic communication

  • Constructive tools to manage conflict and disagreements

  • Setting healthy boundaries with your partner and around your relationship

  • Rebuilding trust after infidelity or breach of trust

  • Navigating life transitions (such as getting married or entering into a long-term commitment, pregnancy and/or birth, infertility, a move to a new home or location, starting a new job, etc.)

  • Strengthening the emotional intimacy and bond between partners

Loving Couple
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