Simple Things Couples Can Do to Grow Closer

When couples are still in the early phases of a relationship, it can seem effortless. But once that phase wears off, the truth is, building a strong relationship takes work. While building your relationship may not always be easy, there are some fun, simple things you and your partner can do together to help you enhance your bond and feel closer to each other along the way:

Keep Learning about Each Other

Part of the fun and excitement of the early stages of a relationship is learning about your partner (their interests, their favorite movies/songs, etc.) Even after couples have been together for years, partners can still continue to learn about each other, though. One way to do this is to set aside time to sit together and take turns asking each other questions to learn more about your partner and start conversation. There are various apps and card games out there that can provide questions for partners to ask each other, but you can also make up your own questions. These questions can be as simple as “What is a song on the radio right now you like?” to deeper questions such as “What is a current fear you have?” In addition to asking these questions, asking follow-up questions after your partner responds can also help you show interest and encourage them to continue sharing.

Below are some links to examples of card decks and apps that may be helpful:

Gottman Card Decks App

Gottman Love Maps Card Deck

The Ungame (Couples Version)

Try New Activities Together

Trying a new activity together that neither of you have done before can be a great bonding experience. Taking a class, learning a new skill, or exploring a new city are a few examples of activities you can experience as a first together. Depending on what the activity is, there may be some nerves or fears around trying something new. Having your partner there to experience this with you can help calm your nerves and encourage you to be brave in trying something new. Plus, you a